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Event archive 2007

Japan Society-Keio University joint symposium at Mita Campus, Tokyo
“Affecting Change through Social Innovation: Design, Scalability, and Financing”

On January 23, a symposium entitled “Affecting Change Through Social Innovation: Design, Scalability, and Financing” was held at Keio University’s Mita Campus. Last September, Keio University and the Japan Society signed a comprehensive partnership agreement and this symposium was the first jointly held event to commemorate the Japan Society’s 100th anniversary in 2007 and Keio University’s 150th anniversary in 2008.

The symposium began with welcome addresses from Jun Murai, Vice President of Keio University, and Richard J. Wood, President of the Japan Society. Professor Jiro Kokuryo, Faculty of Policy Management, Keio University, acted as moderator for the symposium with facilitation by Hideyuki Inoue, Assistant Professor at the Faculty of Policy Management.

Prominent social entrepreneurs from both Japan and the United States, including Keio graduate Hiroki Komazaki (CEO of NPO Florence), delivered fascinating lectures in each of the three sessions (see the agenda below). One of the guest speakers participated from the Keio University Research Institute for Digital Media and Content’s global studio in San Francisco and DMC’s advanced communications technologies enabled the participants to interact freely with each other as if they were in the same location.

The symposium was extremely well received and attracted approximately 60 participants including students currently researching social innovation, NPO administrators, and members of the media with an interest in the subject. Both the speakers and the audience actively participated in discussions of the issues presented at the symposium.

The symposium was brought to a successful conclusion with a closing address from Professor Kokuryo who emphasized the utilization of the valuable feedback gained from the participants at this symposium.



Photos by Satoru Inoue

Event details



Jun Murai, Vice President, Keio University
Richard J. Wood, President, Japan Society
Hideyuki Inoue, Managing Director, Social Venture Center, Entrepreneurial Training for Innovative Communities (ETIC); Assistant Professor, Keio University


Session One: Design for Social Innovation: Architecture
Bill Strickland, President and CEO, Manchester Craftsmen’s Guild
Tomohiko Okabe, CEO, Okabe Tomohiko Design Studio, Director, Funnybee Corporation


Session Two: Scaling Out
Cameron Sinclair, Executive Director/Co-Founder, Architecture for Humanity
Villy Wang, President & Chief Executive Officer, BAYCAT (via videoconference from San Francisco)
Hiroki Komazaki, CEO, NPO Florence


Welcome Remarks
Tatsuya Sakamoto, Vice-President, Keio University


Session Three: Social Finance
Masami Komatsu, CEO, Music Securities Corporation
Alan Webber, Founding Editor and Former President, Fast Company magazine


Concluding Remarks
Hideyuki Inoue

Closing Remark
Jiro Kokuryo, Professor, Faculty of Policy Management, Keio University